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Published: 15th September 2009
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From plantation houses from the 1600's to modern condominiums in beach communities to luxury villas on breezy hilltops, the Caribbean offers much in terms of house styles. Many of these homes are beautiful and enchanting with both a tropical and European influence and are created to suit the climate with ceiling fans and shutters to keep out the sun.

Construction of modern luxury villas and condominiums is underway on almost every island. In particular on Dominican Republic, there is more development than on any of the other islands, with many new Spanish style villas and condominiums being constructed in gated communities. These developments can have restaurants, bars, spas and sports facilities and private beaches to enjoy. In addition, the development may offer a rental scheme so that your property can earn income from visiting tourists whilst you are not in residence.

Most new builds in the Caribbean are constructed of concrete to provide hurricane and termite protection. Galvanised tin is a popular choice for roofing, as it can be installed easily. Available in a plethora of different colours, they can give a house a unique look and is easy to renew. Throughout the home, and to give a more natural look, hardwood can be used that is safe from wood or carpenter ants and termites, which prefer to munch on old decayed wood, not healthy hardwood.

Older style homes are usually constructed of wood or concrete, but have most often had some type of treatment to preserve any wood used. Some homes are built in the traditional style but with modern methods, such as this charming and romantic house on the quiet and tranquil island of Nevis.

Prices of these homes vary widely and can range from US$10,000 and less for a chattel house to US$100,000 for a condo and up to US$8 million for the most luxurious homes of all. For example, this one bedroom furnished apartment is available in Dominican Republic for US$75,000 and might suit a couple who would like to own a holiday home next to one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic.
Something larger than a chattel house but in the style of a traditional Caribbean home is this two bedroom home in Antigua at US$239,500. The house has been constructed with concrete panels on the exterior that look like wood but have the benefit of preventing termites from eating the home away and also provide hurricane protection.

At the other end of the spectrum, this getaway house set in 10 acres of land on the exclusive island of Great Camanoe can be purchased for just US$6m. This home comes complete with it's own 800ft of beachfront.

To acquire a home in the Caribbean, is usually a fairly easy operation. Foreign nationals are allowed to purchase a home on any of the islands, apart from Tobago currently. Residence permits are fairly simple to arrange if the owners will be staying long term but if the home is just for a holiday home, then one of those will not be needed. It is wise to check legalities on each individual island before making a decision to purchase. If financing is required, Caribbean Mortgages are available through Caribbean Land and Property.

With so many different types of houses and homes and a wide variety of prices and islands to choose from, the Caribbean really does offer it all.

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